Sietar Italia presenta un workshop tenuto in inglese da Pari Namazie e Barbara Covarrubias Venegas.

Global competition leads to globalised business and thus begs the question of how HR can best support business in the face of global integration and coordination while maintaining local flexibility. This workshop will explain the impact of culture on HRM and contribute to the on-going discussion of convergence and divergence.

How HRM is developed in developing countries is examined using the framework developed by Budhwar and associates for studying cross-national HRM, with particular emphasis on the factors which influence HRM in the Middle East, with a particular focus on a case study of an international joint venture in Iran. Factors include national culture, the role of Islam and management as well as the impact of the rapidly changing demographic and socio-economic environments.

Our workshop will begin by sharing theoretical insights and then present a case study of how companies deal with global integration while maintaining local flexibility. After an introduction to our case, we will use the world café technique to open the discussion. Participants will be asked to play the scenario based on the facts presented and make organisational decisions on the best approach. After the world café we will present our conclusions and final thoughts.