Storytelling per costruire un ponte: fra me e te, fra ieri e domani, fra esclusione e inclusione, fra ruolo di vittima e consapevolezza sociale

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The cross-cultural mediator is aware of the fact that telling and listening to someone’s story serves simultaneously the ethical mandate as well as the pragmatic mandate to move from a story to a constructive, authentic and trusting dialogue.

This in turn leads to a win-win (re)solution. The communication takes place on two distinct levels, that of the content and that of the report.
Starting from the participants’ experiences, stories

  • affirm their values,
  • define their needs,
  • allow them to articulate their expectations.

Each person involved gets uninterrupted time to tell their side of a situation.

It is a transformative approach to empowerment, where the mediator can use stories to reach problem-solving solutions, interpersonal recognition and social justice. The mediator is using his power to act like a bridge between divergent positions, leading the opposing parties to a space of dialogue. Through this process he facilitates a shift for migrants from a posture of victim to assuming their full role of protagonist in any given issue.


Maria Mihaela Barbieru, cross-cultural mediator, President of Sietar Italia


Per parlare di storytelling come strumento di depistaggio invece che di costruzione, cfr story-telling in questo magazine.



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